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RIBELZ Web Solutions.

51B, S.D.S.Jayasinghe Mawatha,
Kohuwala, 10250 Nugeoda, Sri Lanka

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RIBELZ E-Marketing Agency was initiated in 2007 as a small business initiative to address the focus for marketing, branding in the web development industry. Like in 2000-2002 USA dot com bubble era, today in Sri Lanka there are hundreds of web development firms, But very few who actually provides a web solution instead of a mere web site.

In its journey of 3 years Ribelz has satisfied many highly satisfied clients who are still actively engaged through longterm update, Search engine optimization schemes. Following are some of the clients, Ribelz has offered e-business consulting services - Dasa Trade Centre,  Taurus International (Pvt) Ltd,  Agro Soil (Pvt) Ltd,  Bizviz Solutions UK,  Flexport (Pvt) Ltd,  Siha Udhana Foundation,  TrumpCoir (Pvt) Ltd,  Sumithcoir Fiber (Pvt) Ltd, DBL (Pvt) Ltd, Ramato International (Pvt) Ltd, CocoAgro (Pvt) Ltd etc.


Indika Jayapala
B.Sc Marketing Mgt (Special) (SJP), AMSLIM
(Founder, E-business consultant)

"Don’t develop a website just for the sake of developing it. But develop a great web which will truly help you in achieving business goals."
Indika Jayapala is the founder and chief E-business consultant at RIBELZ. He is a professionally certified marketer with extensive knowledge in E-marketing, Branding and latest internet technologies. He has consulted many Sri Lankan companies to get thier businesses online successfully. He is a marketing graduate of University of Sri Jayewardenepura and an Associate Member of Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), currently he is reading for his Masters In Information and Communication Technology at University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC).