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"Chief Listening Officer" a name you should know in 2011 PDF Print E-mail
RIBELZ | Friday, 24 December 2010 12:12


Many of my friends working in Internet/Facebook blocked intranet offices wonders when i say part of my job is to be in Facebook. Here's the news -

A competition by Forbes Magazine blog named #50 top things you should know in 2011. Amongst them is a new position in every company "Chief Listening Officer".

The internet along with later developed media such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter..etc. has created such a platform for consumers to kill or build brands. While brands use Social media as a tool to propagate their messages and products, it works in other direction where consumers talk about products. People talk about brands in both good & bad ways. The solution for brands was to have someone to listen to them so they can take action as appropriate.

Two examples given by the Forbes were Kodak and Dell. They both have a position called Chief Listening Officer to listen to Social Media as given below.

Beth's ear is turned your way
"Each month, Eastman Kodak CLO Beth LaPierre, 30, monitors 300,000 mentions of Kodak on Facebook, Twitter, message forums, YouTube, blogs, and elsewhere on the Web, using software from Radian6 and PeopleBrowsr. Then she decides which department needs the information.

When vloggers complained that the company’s latest digital video camera needed a mic jack for crowded rooms, she let product development know and it was added to the next model. “It’s like a focus group of millions,” says LaPierre. “There could be ten of me.”
When fans of a popular Nickelodeon children’s program started complaining on TV blogs about Kodak pulling ads due to a transgendered character, LaPierre contacted PR and then swooped in to correct the false report. “With a chief listening officer, you can ensure an immediate reaction before things spiral out of control,” says LaPierre.
Of her title, she says, “It’s hard explaining it to my mom.”
Last Updated on Friday, 24 December 2010 12:14
Market Segmentation Online : 4. Segmenting by Behaviour PDF Print E-mail
Nadheera -E-Business Consultant @ RIBELZ | Wednesday, 13 October 2010 01:51

Out of the 4 bases we discussed in the last post - Segmenting by behaviour is the most important and most widely used. Reason is very simple - Segmenting by age or location can have less effect than segmenting by the consumers behaviour with regard to the product. What usually happens is segmenting by behaviour follows with a demographic and geographic segmentation.

Segmenting by behaviour has 2 main areas.

1. Benefit segmentation

Seperating by the benefits sought by the consumers.

Offline example - Micromax mobile segmented a part of mobile phone users who wanted their mobile to have long lasting battery without recharging (Because they didn't have electricity). Micromax came up with X2i - a phone that reduced Nokia market share from 62% to 50%.

2. Usage segmentation

Segmenting by how they use the internet.

There are several interesting ways to segment.

1. Access speed

People access internet through dial up, broadband or their mobile internet connections. The varying speed of these effect their behaviour. For e.g. Only a broadband user will watch videos or download videos.

Article by Chamath Palihapitiya - Vice President (User growth, mobile and international) of Facebook said more than 100 million users now login to Facebook through their mobile.


2. Time online

Users can be separated to 6 different parts based on the time they spend online & their activity. They are

Last Updated on Friday, 05 November 2010 05:15
Market Segmentation Online : 3. Segmentation Bases PDF Print E-mail
Nadheera -E-Business Consultant @ RIBELZ | Tuesday, 05 October 2010 02:41

Online marketing is typically the same as Traditional marketing in terms of the bases. Only exception is that there are numerous different bases that could be adopted in online marketing.

Segmenting bases are

1. Demographics

E.g.Age, Income, Gender, Education level, ethnicity


Following are some basic demographics on Linked - In

2. Geographics

This is basically the location from which your clients come from.

E.g. City, Village, State, Country, Region..etc.

Google Analytics provides a very good tool with which you can even track the city of your site visitors (In Sri Lanka - Only Colombo and Kandy Possible, But in US hundreds of cities possible)

Given below are goegraphic data about Facebook users.

Market Segmentation Online : 2. Business, Govt.,Consumer web site examples PDF Print E-mail
Nadheera -E-Business Consultant @ RIBELZ | Thursday, 30 September 2010 02:18

Here are the example web sites of three basic markets Business, Consumers and governments engaging in business online


Last Updated on Thursday, 30 September 2010 05:19
Market Segmentation Online : 1.Basic Markets PDF Print E-mail
Nadheera -E-Business Consultant @ RIBELZ | Wednesday, 22 September 2010 16:08

Lets discuss a new topic today. Its online market segmentation.

Marketers are well aware of the Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning or STP Marketing. Segmenting is the first of those strategies. We are going to discuss segmenting in E-Marketing.

First post about segmenting is about the three basic markets that both sell and buy to each other. They are Businesses, Governments and consumers.


1. Business Market

Contains the businesses and institutions. In the most biggest market in internet because many firms are present online than consumers. This is why B2B activity online is only second to B2C.

For e.g.

1. DHL - maintains a database of its' corporate clients. And the clients can login to their companies account and see where their package is.

Consumer Behaviour Online 6 : Why do people come online? PDF Print E-mail
Nadheera -E-Business Consultant @ RIBELZ | Wednesday, 15 September 2010 02:08

Why do people come online? Four basic reasons.

1. Connect

Internet provides the best place for people to meet. In different different ways. The no.1 still being Emails. And social media catching up to be no.1. Online chat, Internet calls is another way of connecting through internet.

People prefer connecting through internet becuase its inexpensive and easier than other ways. Following are amazing statistics about people connecting online


2. Enjoy

People come online to Enjoy. The basic enjoyment options are shopping and audio video media. Online shopping is cheap and very informative -

Last Updated on Sunday, 19 September 2010 17:05
Other Factors effecting consumer behaviour online PDF Print E-mail
Nadheera -E-Business Consultant @ RIBELZ | Sunday, 05 September 2010 11:13

We have so far discussed 2 main factors effecting consumer behaviour online. Let's discuss the rest.

3. Legal context

There are numerous laws that overrule consumers in the internet. They range from privacy laws, data security laws, Trademark laws, patents..etc. Their buying patern on a web site maybe effected by them.

For e.g. which was very famous for downloading music - had less amount of hits after Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sued thousands of illegal consumers. But it saw many consumers getting used to legal purchasing of music through iTunes concept of apple computers.


Last Updated on Sunday, 05 September 2010 18:10
Factors effecting consumer behaviour online 2 : Socio Cultural context PDF Print E-mail
Nadheera -E-Business Consultant @ RIBELZ | Friday, 03 September 2010 01:57

Social and cultural factors effect the way someone behaves in the internet. There are numerous ways,

Information overload
There are infinite bytes of information in the web and the demand for it is limited by human capacity. For e.g.people do not like Spam. It was amazing to see google making use of this weakness. coming up with the product "Priority Inbox" in gmail.

Time poverty
Multitasking is around the corner and consumers do not want to spend time looking for information. For e.g.No one will comment here if they were asked to sign up for the web site. They basically do not have time!

Work from Home
If you take Sunday observer you will see lots of Ads asking you to work from home. This phenomena is making a free environment in the web creating lot of consumers browsing thru home.

Last Updated on Friday, 03 September 2010 04:20
Factors effecting consumer behaviour online 1 : Technology PDF Print E-mail
Nadheera -E-Business Consultant @ RIBELZ | Friday, 20 August 2010 18:14

Technology plays a greater role in the way consumer behaves. Though in E-Marketing theory it's explained only using connection speed, i consider many more technological constraints. They are discussed below -

1. Connection speed

Is the speed at which customer exchanges data in internet. There can be 3 main speed categories with their normal expectations
  1. PDA, Smartphone - Only text
  2. Dial up - Text with pictures
  3. Broadband - Text, Pictures, Music, Video
When designing a web site, there are 3 ways to tackle this technological context
  1. By designing for the slowest user (E.g.Google)
  2. By having separate web pages for different speeds (
  3. By designing for the fastest user (E.g. You tube)
2. Browser compatibility
A browser is a software consumers use to view web pages. For e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome. Browsers have slightly different functional methods and they may load web pages in different ways. Web designers use different tactics to handle this. Usually they write codes to identify the browser type and customize the content.
Last Updated on Friday, 03 September 2010 04:09
Consumer Behavior in the Internet I PDF Print E-mail
Nadheera -E-Business Consultant @ RIBELZ | Thursday, 19 August 2010 16:41

To successfully implement your business online, it is key to understand the consumer behavior in the internet -

For e.g.HANOVER Direct Inc. - Major E-Commerce firm in US did a research to find out why internet consumers start to buy products in their web site but fail to purchase. The reasons were

  1. Web page takes time to load
  2. There is too much jargon in web page they do not understand
  3. Consumers become indecisive - they are not sure (need help)

What Hanover did was they built easily loading pages without jargon and with web chat, skype or live call customer help. It worked!!!

Likewise - It is important to understand how customers feel in your web site...

According to Sri Lanka had 1,163,500 Internet users as of Sept/09 - That was 5.5% penetration from total population.

Lets discuss about one aspect - How connection speed effects customers in internet

We can categorize internet users to main 3 speed areas (Along with what they expect from Web)

  1. Dial up (Text, Pictures)
  2. Broadband (Text ,Pictures, Music, Videos)
  3. PDA, Smartphone, Blackberry market  (Only text)

In 2009 December Sri Lanka had 101,900 broadband users, which is only 9% from total internet users. S oyour web site has to be able to cater the other two categories...

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